We are excited to include you in our live services every weekend through our web streaming facility. You can join us in God's presence every Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm.

Our services run for as long as God is moving and touching peoples lives. Further to that we would love to hear from you during the services as God touches your life in a special way, healing and restoring you etc. (Send us an email during the services to jvw@sr.org.za)

God has been moving in our midst in an amazing way, taking us deeper and deeper into His Word, manifesting His presence through miracles, signs and wonders and transforming the lives of people that attend the services.

You might be saying to yourself " I am so far away, how could God possibly heal me if I'm not in the service?" God is not limited by distance! If you are hearing His spoken Word you are being healed already!

We love to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, entering into His Kingdom and doing His Will! If you are seeking to fellowship and enter into a relationship with the Most High God then you are at the right place. By God's Mercy and Grace we are free of religion and are satisfied only by The Naked Truth of God's uncompromised Word, the peace, love, joy and power of His Kingdom and the signs and wonders that follow His Word.


Johan van Wyk ( Pastor of Solid Rock )

Upcoming Events

This Saturday 26 march 2011. Ther is going to be the eanointing sevice with real bible oil. @ solid rock church northcliff Johannesburg





Weekend with Ron Kussmaul