Testimony – Tanea Botha

In the 9 months since I’ve become involved with Solid Rock, I have been delivered of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and spasms in my back muscles.

Anther condition, constant lower back pain, was miraculously healed when Johan had me sit on a chair.  He then touched my forehead with two fingers.  It felt like lightning was running up and down my spine.  Something “clicked” into place in my lower back.  Since then I can wear high heels (which I couldn’t do before) and I have no pain whatsoever.

I feel like a brand new person.

Testimony - Hanock

I came here four weeks ago, walking with crutches.  After Pastor Johan prayed for me I was immediately healed!  And since then, I never ever even used tablets or went to the doctor again.  I am strong since that day!  The pastor took the crutches and since then I have walked every day.  I am enjoying walking now, because I am not sick anymore.

Praise the Lord.

I am going to help other people to also come to get healed.  This is the right place for people to get healed!!!

Testimony of Aids healing

Hello, Pastor!  I greet you in the most wonderful name of Jesus Christ.  I was so glad to hear from you and surely was blessed.  Before everything, I would like to briefly give my testimony to you.

Long before God adopted me in His family, I did many things, bad and evil, the world could offer.  I married and had one child who was discovered born with HIV/AIDS virus and later died.  After that we decided to go to the mountain in the forests seeking God for our healing, where we stayed for six months.

It wasn’t easy for us to be in the forests seeking God’s face, for six months without His grace.  But in the sixth month, Heaven was open and God spoke to us that He’s healing and miraculous power to demonstrate unto the dying world that is swinging into space without hope.

Therefore, we went down for HIV test, made it, showed that we were extremely made whole (HIV negative), we’ve been traveling around the globe and seen God’s power mightily manifested in such marvelous ways.

It is my prayer to God that we meet.  I’ll let you know everything about my healing, and will show you the HIV tests I had from different hospitals.  I am telling you, let the South Africans get prepared for God’s power explosion. Look forward to hearing from you.

Testimony – Valerie de Kock

Dear Johan

A few words of thanks for the wonderful work you are doing and bringing Christ back into many lives and homes.

I have witnessed so many miracles in the past, too many to mention.

Miracles performed on me and cure – arthritis in my knees and sprained ankle and blessings in abundance.

Thank you and with the grace of God may you continue with your good work.